"I sat down and had a talk with him," Jourgensen recalled. "I remember he was really interested in what was being glamorized as this great lifestyle — being a heroin addict. And I remember telling him, ‘Man, this is the furthest thing from the f—-ing truth.’ Movies like ‘Pulp Fiction,’ where you have Travolta drinking whiskey while shooting up this imported dope — you’d be dead if you even tried that. … I tried to tell him then, but you could just see the wonderment, the experimentation in his eyes. … I’ve been there too. It’s not something pretty to watch. He was a talented kid."

Al Jourgensen de Ministry sobre Layne Staley

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If I had to guess, I’d say this was probably taken in 1990.

Back Row (L to R) Trent Reznor, Phildo Owen
Middle Row (L to R) Paul Barker, Jeff Ward, Chris Connelly
Front Row: Al Jourgensen

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Layne Staley

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